x Tweaked the homepage layout
x Added a contact button on the homepage

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not a very large update for today, but I thought id want to log it anyway. i want to look back in the future at what ive been doing!
speaking of looking back at past actions, a mental note for myself: screenshot stuff before you change it! thats it. didnt think of taking a screenshot of the old layout and now im pissed! (i do have a screenshot of a very old version of the homepage so its fine lol.)
had a terrible, horrible day today, but hunting for old websites cheered me up. :D the wonders of internet...!
hyvää yötä!


x Finished the manga collection page
x Xmas 2021 page
  x This was not finished today, this page was made 24.12.-21!

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long time no see, log! i havent really had the time nor the energy to update the site, but im finally back at it again.
because i love manga and i love talking about it (especially in the context of my collection) i made a little page for my collection! it was a piece of work so it took me a couple of days to finish (not to mention having to study in between coding breaks. lame!) but now its done. :) i hope people can find something interesting to read from there.
more site updates should be on their way, since i dont have other plans for this weekend and im still in the mood to work on it! i still have to power through friday studying... nooooo!

thats all for this post, hopefully next one will come out soon!


x Finished the Shrines-page and Kaito's shrine
x Finished Log-page

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good evening! today ive decided to start writing this log. its purpose is for me to keep track of site updates and let out some thoughts regarding the site and maybe life in general. this is a diary outsiders are free to read, lol!
as stated above, today i finished my Kaito shrine. its been in the works for a long time, but i recently saw someone elses Kaito shrine ( and it really inspired me to finish mine. (im not copying them i swear! lol) im proud of how it came out, despite the code for it being terrible, im not very good at coding. (if you look at it i will cry) i made some of the graphics (the buttons and the banner below the stamps) myself, the "kaito fan" button came out cute :) i wanna make more shrines in the future, ive got a couple of ideas cooking in my head!
im not sure what i want to make for the site next. i want the site to have fun stuff for other people to enjoy and not just me talking, since i am a bit boring as a person. i have some vague ideas, but actually making them might be challenging since, as stated, my coding skills arent the greatest. i have to try my best!

until next time!