Fruits Basket 9

Series: Fruits Basket
Artist, author: Natsuki Takaya
Language: Finnish
Released in (this edition): 2009

Fruits Basket is a series about Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who meets the Sohma family, who have been possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac. It's a very compelling romantic comedy that deals with themes of loneliness, feeling of being left out and family issues.

This particular volume is very dear to me, because it's the first manga I've ever bought! I had previously seen the anime because it was in our public library on DVD, and I was very excited to own the manga. I could never collect the rest of the series back in the day (although I did get volume 10 for my birthday that year) because it wasn't sold in the nearby store. (Most Finnish translated manga is sold in grocery stores!) I still don't have the entire series, but hopefully one day I will! :D