Golden Kamuy 7

Series: Golden Kamuy
Artist, author: Satoru Noda
Language: Japanese
Released in (this edition): 2016

Saichi Sugimoto is a veteran of the Russo-Japanese war in the early 20th century. While looking to make some money, he comes across a legend of a gold treasure, once gathered by the Ainu people of Hokkaido. He teams up with a young Ainu girl, Asirpa, with whom they go on to look for clues of the hidden gold. The series is full of explanations of history of Hokkaido, the historic ways of the Japanese army and plenty of exploration of the Ainu culture. The series deals with themes like discrimination and questioning what's right and wrong. It's also full of silly, stupid comedy!

I like Golden Kamuy sooo much! I enjoy the story a lot and I adore the way Noda draws characters. It's also remarkable in the way it has brought attention to the Ainu culture, which has in turn allowed Ainu voices to be heard more. Most of all I think the series speaks to me because the men are hot. Totally my type! Sorry for being gay for cartoon characters.

I collect this series in Japanese, since I think Japanese manga releases have a good quality/price ratio. There is an official English translation, but it's a bit expensive for my liking. (Also I think the fan scanlation is superior... lol) I chose to highlight this volume in particular because the character in the cover, Kiroranke, is my favorite... (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)