Yotsuba&! 1

Series: Yotsuba&!
Artist, author: Kiyohiko Azuma
Language: Finnish
Released in (this edition): 2021

Yotsuba is an energetic 5-year-old girl, who enjoys everything life throws at her!

If you aren't familiar with Yotsuba already, I HIGHLY recommend reading this manga! It's well beloved and definitely a modern classic. Yotsuba's funny adventures in everyday life are a joy to read. While not very plot heavy, it's still a fun series to read every now and then.

This particular edition I have is a fresh new printing of the series (originally published in Finland in 2008, around the time I've first read it) with apparently some tweaks made. My sister has the old editions, I should really compare them some day! The new printing is currently ongoing and I'm collecting the series as it's going: if you're Finnish I recommend you do too! :)