Yuki to Matsu 1

Series: Yuki to Matsu
Artist, author: Hidebu Takahashi
Language: Japanese
Released in (this edition): 2017

Countryside doctor Shouan finds a dead body of a young man, planning to use his corpse for medicine. The body turns out to be still alive, and Dr. Shouan decides to name him Yuki. Yuki ends up staying with Shouan. What will their relationship develop into in this historical drama?

I heard of this manga because the creator of Golden Kamuy (see my manga collection...), Satoru Noda, endorsed it publicly. I like BL manga but aren't really in the scene, so getting an excellent recommendation like this was a godsend! I really enjoyed this one: I loooove historical dramas and Hidebu Takahashi's artstyle is very beautiful.

I have the series (3 volumes total) in Japanese because there isn't an English physical edition and I think it was a great choice. While it's a very typical Japanese release, the cover paper is this very pleasant textured paper. (¯▿¯) Yeah, I might be easily impressed...